Peanuts Creep
Posted on January 22nd, 2012 at 1:12 pm by Steve
Earlier, we posted a children's choir singing Radiohead's "Creep". Today, we came across (via Dangerous Minds) a different children's choir version of "Creep," this time, with video from the life of Charlie Brown.
Occupied! New mix from DJ Pussywillow
Posted on November 29th, 2011 at 10:10 pm by Steve
Just concluded cleaning up and annotating the DJ mix I did from 12-1 this morning on WZBC, 90.3 FM in Newton. You can listen on the ZBC site, but this mix is trimmed to just my set, has had some volume tweaks made, and also includes artwork and a complete track listing! [audio:|titles=OCCUPIED|artists=DJ Pussywillow]
The 1% Simply “Shed” Their Obligations
Posted on November 29th, 2011 at 2:18 pm by Steve
Corporations are legal "persons," and, like you and me, enter into binding legal contracts. One difference is, when they go bankrupt, they just "shed" their obligations and move on. You and I aren't usually so lucky. A case in point is extreme financial distress. For a person, this might be caused by a loss of employment, or sudden illness; for a corporation, it could be a drop in business, excessive operational costs, or bad planning. In either case: revenue is down, costs are up, and the balance sheet is negative. If you're a person, this kind of crisis means that you'll suffer direct hardships: the things you own get taken away, and if you actually still earn money, your future earnings are pledged to your creditors. If you have a mortgage, you're typically foreclosed and lose your home. Your car gets repossessed. Your belongings are sold off to pay your debts. Ah, but if you're a corporation, things are different! You can simply "shed" those expensive obligations and soldier on! Well, you can't shed all your contracts – just the ones you made with your employees:
AMR [American Airlines' parent company] was determined to avoid Chapter 11 as air travel fell and losses mounted after the 2001 terrorist attacks, even as peers used bankruptcy to shed costly pension and retiree benefit plans and restructure debt.
(Source: Bloomberg Business Week, November 29, 2011) Of course, the obligations you made to your peers (i.e., other corporations) must still be honored. These debts will be "restructured." But your contractual promises to pay for the doctor visits and medicine for the thousands of people who gave you 30 of the best years of their lives? Those you can "shed" like a tired skin you've outgrown.
“You would expect a leaner, stronger company to emerge from bankruptcy,” Chris Logan, an analyst at Echelon Research & Advisory LLP in London, said today by telephone. “As they are in Chapter 11, it will be more easy to demand concessions from the labor force.”
Ah yes, "concessions from the labor force!" In other words, the executives hold a gun to the heads of the employee unions and offer them a choice: either some of you lose your jobs and the rest lose your benefits and even more of your salary, or all of you lose your jobs and your benefits and all of your salary. Some choice. It's not like we haven't been down this road before, with this very company. American's pilots, flight attendants, mechanics, gate agents, baggage handlers – you know, the people who actually make the planes fly and keep the passengers safe – these very employees took a 30% pay cut back in 2003 in hopes of avoiding a bankruptcy proceeding. Those poor saps! Now, instead of regaining the $1,600,000,000 that they gave up eight years ago, they're being told that they're still earning too much, and that if they don't make further sacrifices, they'll all lose their jobs. While the workers have already taken huge pay cuts, given up their pensions, and paid more in health insurance premiums, American's executives have somehow managed to escape harm. In 2008, the same year his airline lost more than $2 BILLION the boss's compensation package topped $5 million. But, pity poor Gerald Arpey: that $5 mil was a 22% drop over his 2007 compensation. A quick glance at the headlines will tell you that, even through huge losses and now bankruptcy, The 1% at AMR are doing just fine: "Despite losses, American Airlines CEO's compensation climbs" - Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Apr. 21, 2011; "Executive compensation at American Airlines raises eyebrows" - Tulsa World, April 19, 2010; "AP says Arpey earned $6.6 million in 2007" - Dallas Morning News, April 19, 2008. Thus do the executives of the corporate entity continue to prosper and thrive, continuing to do their "jobs" of running the business, while thousands of employees are laid off, and tens of thousands more lose the only hope they had of actually being able to, you know, survive their retirement years on something other than handouts and cat food. Although all of that can change.
Yo Dawg, I Heard You Like Xzibit Jokes…
Posted on November 17th, 2011 at 4:39 pm by Steve
It's funny 'cuz it's a quine! Or, is it?
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Posted on September 15th, 2011 at 10:16 pm by Steve

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Posted on August 2nd, 2011 at 7:21 pm by Steve

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Posted on June 21st, 2011 at 1:24 pm by Steve

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[Source: Jeff Masters, Ph.D., founder and chief meteorologist of the Weather Underground, Inc.]

Well, the good thing is that nuclear plants in the United States are designed with extremely conservative assumptions, so there's a very high margin of safety. Oh, and also... even for plants that were built 37 years ago, like the Cooper Nuclear Station, just downstream from Fort Calhoun (and also inundated with floodwaters), they're subject to constant inspections and tough regulations.

Failed cables, Buy Zithromax Without Prescription. Busted seals. Broken nozzles, clogged screens, cracked concrete, dented containers, corroded metals and rusty underground pipes — all of these and thousands of other problems linked to aging were uncovered in the AP's yearlong investigation. And all of them could escalate dangers in the event of an accident.

Yet despite the many problems linked to aging, not a single official body in government or industry has studied the overall frequency and potential impact on safety of such breakdowns in recent years, even as the NRC has extended the licenses of dozens of reactors. Buy Zithromax Without Prescription, [...]

Records show a recurring pattern: Reactor parts or systems fall out of compliance with the rules. Studies are conducted by the industry and government, and all agree that existing standards are "unnecessarily conservative."

Regulations are loosened, and the reactors are back in compliance.

[Source: "U.S. nuke regulators weaken safety rules," by the Associated Press, June 20, 2011]

As Harry Shearer says, "Safe. Clean. Too cheap to meter. Our friend, the atom."


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